Message from Angel Anan

We need constant encouragement and reminders to keep our identity as people centered in our identity in Christ. Knowing Who He is will dive us the facts we need to know who we are as a result of what Jesus has done for us and in us!

What Does Church Mean to Jesus?

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Date: February 5, 2019

Jesus only mentioned the word “church” on 2 recorded occasions in the New Testament. What does the word “church” really mean, anyway? How important is it?

The Kingdom of God is Like…

One of the most taught on subjects in all of Jesus’s discourses is related to the Kingdom of God (heaven). The thrust of His ministry was to usher in this Kingdom and equip and charge His people to go and bring the Kingdom to all parts of culture and society.

More Boldness!

Did you ever really consider what it would take to see more miracles, signs & wonders take place through our lives? The early church was founded on the miraculous and had not special training resources that are not still available to us today today. The three basic ingredients: Faith in the power of the name of Jesus, the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and Boldness! We don’t need something else – we just need to use more of what we have!

2019 Kingdom Advancement

Every prayer that Jesus prayed is expected to be answered. And every answer comes with a divine strategy for the fulfillment of it. Listen in for some thoughts on divine direction for our region this year.

The Mandate to Radiate!

The description of God as Light carries so much powerful revelation of the nature of Who our God really is. Jesus came to re-present the exact radiance of our heavenly Father in all His glory and splendor. Jesus transferred this mandate to radiate to us when he said that we are the light of the world! So, what does it really mean to arise, and shine?

Redeeming Darkness!

Everything that God created was good. He even has a special place for darkness! There are some beautiful and powerful things that happen in darkness with God. Unfortunately, Satan has been using darkness for his own domain. Now, however, through the resurrection power of Jesus, we are called to redeem the darkness!

Seek,and you WILL Find!

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Date: December 3, 2018

Jesus made a promise that if we see we will find. So this begs the question, what is it, exactly, are we and should we be seeking for?

The Greatest Thanksgiving Gift

We have so many things to be thankful for – where do we begin to express back our gratefulness? The most powerful and meaningful thanksgiving we can give is… ourselves!

The War of Words

How aware are we to the power of our words? Words can heal or hurt, can stat wars of bring peace, and words have the power of life and death! If all of this is true, we need to win the war for the right use of our words!