The Way Jesus Prayed

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Most of us know the “Our Father or “Lord’s Prayer” from our early days of Christian teachings. This prayer is more than a prayer to pray in our Christian liturgy. It is a pathway into the intimacy of communion with Our Heavenly Father!

Praying From Covenant

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One of the most important theological concepts in the scriptures is the understanding of covenant. God makes and keep His covenants and WILL NOT go back on His word! Imagine how a deeper understanding and revelation of God’s covenants with us can transform the way we pray!  

Won to be One

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We were won by Jesus on the cross and we become one with Jesus when He rose from the grave! To be one with Jesus is to be one with His body. message by: Angel Anan

Prayer as Incense

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One of the most talked about and taught on subjects in Christianity is prayer. How do we get a handle on such a big subject? Understanding prayer as incense before God can help us understand prayer at its core.

Time To Sing A New Song!

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A number of times the Bible uses the phrase, “sing a new song to the Lord…” Is this just an encouragement to come up with fresh, new songs that have never been sung before, or is there something more? It is time for God’s people to start singing a New Song!

Your Deliverance Song!

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Did you ever wonder what God is doing in the middle of your worst day? He is surrounding you with His songs of deliverance! God releases the power of His voice over your life in a might song of strength and courage – even in the midst of your darkest hour.

God is Singing Your Song!

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Do you ever picture God, the creator of the universe, singing and dancing for joy when He looks over your life? Well, believe it or not, that is just what he does! God wants to invite you to sing along!

The Gates of Joy!

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What was one of the greatest motivators for Jesus to endure the shame and horrors of the Cross? The joy that was set before Him! Joy is such a powerful force in the Kingdom of God – a force that we need to activate in our lives everyday!

3 Resurrection Realities

Posted by:      Posted on: April 22, 2019

There are so many wonderful promises of God that were fulfilled through the death and resurrection of Jesus. As a result of these promises being fulfilled we can now live in some amazing realities to make us new creations, whole in every way!

Re-script Your Life- 1B

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PArt 1B of the Re-script Your Life Workshop

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