Leadership Team

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Senior Leaders, Jim & Angel Anan


At Elevate Church, we believe that the New Covenant approach to church leadership is based on the model of Ephesians 4:11-ff. This model is a team approach (“5-Fold Leadership Gifts”) with the leadership supporting, training, equipping and releasing the saints to the work of the ministry. We believe that leaders are to be examples of what it means to serve Jesus and work to inspire and train others to follow His example. We believe that the base of leadership should be broad and deep to support the weight of God’s glory. We believe in the biblical mandates and qualifications of leadership positions and encourage each believer to strive for personal responsibility in the ministry the Holy Spirit has appointed them to.

Elevate Church has a number of ministry/service areas that are lead by various members of the church. We work together as a team and believe that all the members of the church have a vital role in accomplishing our mission.